Our care group leaders at Tinkling Spring consist of 21 elders and 21 deacons who are assigned various members/families of our congregation.  The purpose of the care group leader is to be in relationship with members, come alongside of them in times of need, and to encourage them throughout the church year.  Some of these responsibilities consist of special church events, birthdays, graduations, illnesses, and deaths in their families.  Our care group leaders are always available if any concerns or problems arise within the church that members within their caregroup might be concerned about. 

If you need to contact your care group leader, please contact the church office at 885-0746 or check our church directory.

Libby Beyeler, Elder

Alan Biskey, Elder

Ramona Bosserman, Elder

Laura Boward, Elder Al Boxley, Elder
 Todd Brandt, Elder  Darrel Byrd, Deacon  Gwen Carr, Deacon Charles Cook, Elder  Cindy Corell, Deacon
Dan Coulter, Elder George Cox, Deacon  John Craft, Deacon  Randy Fisher, Deacon Tonya Garletts, Deacon
David Graham, Elder  Debbie Graham, Deacon  Ann Gregory, Elder  Emily Guyer, Deacon  John Habel, Deacon 
Gerry Hamilton, Elder  Donna Houff, Elder  Paul Julian, Elder Tommy Lloyd, Deacon John Marcum, Deacon  
 Jay Moffett, Elder Julian Moffett, Elder Lyle Moffett, Elder Harrison Moyers, Deacon Tracey Norman, Deacon 
Pinky Palmer, Deacon Jerry Pangburn, Elder & Clerk Melissa Patrick, Elder Tom Reider, Elder Sharon Shumate, Deacon
 Jeremy Sipe, Deacon Harold Tate, Elder  Dana Thomas, Deacon  Ann Todd, Elder  Carl Van Fossen, Elder 
Sandy Wagoner, Deacon        


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