Open from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. the third Thursday of each month. 

Tinkling Spring’s newest mission is one that takes place in and for our own community. Five members of the Ladies Bible Study Sunday School class initiated, organized, and “made happen” the Tinkling Spring Food Pantry in October 2012. Beginning in November of that same year, boxes of food items were distributed to those from the community who came that third Thursday from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

In a span of just four months, the Food Pantry has seen an increase in the number of requests for food. Going a step further, the organizers of this much needed assistance within the community, have added personal hygiene products to the food boxes, items to include shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, bars of soap. Food staples contained in the boxes vary but may consist of canned meats and vegetables, cereal, powdered milk, rice, peanut butter along with paper products, paper towels, toilet paper. No items can be packaged or bottled in glass containers for the sake of safety in distributing the boxes.

The Tinkling Spring Food Pantry is a mission project in which all ages can become involved. Already, children in a Sunday School class and the members of the 2013 Confirmation class have made gifts to include in the food boxes. Throughout the church are bins to collect donated food, paper products, and personal hygiene items for the Food Pantry. Lists of needed food items can be found in the pew racks, and those lists are up-dated each month. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated. Cash or checks made out to....TSPC/Food Pantry.... can be left in the church office or checks may be dropped into the collection plates during both Sunday services. Volunteers to help.....pack the boxes, distribute the food boxes on the third Thursday of each month, direct the flow of traffic to the Food Pantry door.....are welcomed and appreciated.

With the help and prayers of Tinkling’s church family and with God’s answer to those prayers, the Food Pantry mission will continue to grow and to be successful in its outreach.


Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ)

Tinkling Spring Church is a partner with Love INC.   The national ministry began in 1977 as a nonprofit organization where Love INC brings churches together across denominational lines to help the needy in their community.  In October of 2012, Love INC began a ministry in the Augusta, Staunton and Waynesboro area. 

When a person is in need, churches and civic organizations can refer the individual to Love INC. The ministry shares time over the phone with individuals first before sharing time with them face to face in assisting with their needs.  Volunteers are needed for a variety of needs.  A required thirty minute intake is shared over the phone before assistance can be assessed. Each congregation that partners with Love INC shares financial support and resource support.  A Gifts of Love inventory (time and talent survey) is collected in the congregation to assist with the needs Love INC finds in the community.  As each church in the community shares their time, talents and resources with Love INC, the assessed needs can be matched up with individuals in need in the community.  Find out more about the partnership between Love INC and Tinkling Spring Church by downloading the brochure below.

Love INC and TSPC Brochure
Visit Love INC's website-



In reaching out to our local community through the Staunton-Augusta-Waynesboro Habitat for Humanity, “we build homes, lives and communities through faith.”

Tinkling Spring re-established our association with the local Habitat organization in 2008 with three mission work days on the first duplex built in Waynesboro, Va. In 2009, several mission days were spent working on both the Waynesboro and  Staunton sites. Work on these sites included hanging siding, painting, planting shrubbery, cleaning up yards, building porch railings, building retaining walls, landscaping, and required both skilled and unskilled labor.

Care-a-Vanners at the 2010 site in Waynesboro have been providing lunches during the month of May by a variety of folks from TSPC, and we expect to share in “hands-on” labor with homeowners on the Waynesboro site before year’s end. Habitat has also established a “Brush with Kindness Program” locally, doing needed home repairs on existing homes. To volunteer, contact Gerry Hamilton at (540) 885-0585 or SAW Habitat office at (540) 886-1944. You must be eighteen years of age to work on site.


DISCIPLES KITCHEN is a soup kitchen ministry held three days a week at Second Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro, VA.  Tinkling Spring, along with twenty or more churches and organizations, has participated in this ministry since September 2007.  In the past twenty years, this ministry has served over 11,000 meals and helped over 800 people.  Although the focus of the soup kitchen is to provide a hot, nutritious meal to those who are in need, our hope is that it might both fill their bodies and open their hearts to the life-changing messages of salvation through Christ.  Anyone interested in participating in this ministry may contact Carol Lebo at 943-9987. 


Our FAITH IN ACTION DAY CAMP began in 2007 and runs for one week in the summer for children in first through fifth grades.  In the morning, the campers enjoy music, Bible, snacktime, and participation in local mission work.  In the afternoon, the children enjoy group activties, such as games, cooking, and crafts led by high school advisors. 

Find out more about our Faith In Action Day Camp by contacting Harriet Thompson, our DCE, or by visiting our CHILDREN'S MINISTRY PAGE.




Tinkling Spring members love to help with drives that support local and international organizations. Each year, church members fill shoe boxes with hygiene products, toys, and personal items through the Samaritan's Purse ministry, a subsidiary of Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse organization. The organization delivers shoe box gifts to needy children in more than 130 countries.   Our church enjoys collecting boxes during November and delivering them to a collection site. 


Contact Vickie Craft to be a part of this ministry at Tinkling Spring.


MITTEN TREE- Each Advent Season, Tinkling Spring participates in the “Mitten Tree” drive coordinated by the Shenandoah Presbytery. Outdoor clothing items such as gloves, hats, and jackets are collected and are distributed through the ministry of Zacchaeus’ Kitchen in Washington, DC.  

CROP WALK- Dozens of church members join forces with hundreds of other community members and participate in the annual CROP Hunger Walk. Coordinated by Tamara Hostetter and Dawn Cox, Christian neighbors walk together to raise awareness and funds for international relief and local hunger-fighting organizations. 


COLLECTIONS- Three very special drives took place at Tinkling Spring in 2009.

First, with the coordinated effort of Betsy Conyers, over 100 children’s books published in Spanish were collected and shipped to a small elementary school in Costa Rica that was visited by the mission team the previous year.

Secondly, the church participated in Soles4Souls, an organization that  facilitates the donation of shoes throughout the world. (www.soles4souls.org) Coordinated by Pastor Cranford, members brought shoes to be donated for this cause to the front of the church during the morning worship services.

Lastly, as part of the Vacation Bible School, the church participated in the Stop Hunger Now project, an international hunger relief organization that coordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid around the world. Under the direction of Betsy Conyers and Harriet Thompson, Spring Hall was turned into a packaging center where people of all ages worked together to package dehydrated, high protein, and nutritious meals that are used in crisis situations or feeding programs for schools and orphanages in developing countries around the world. 


ADOPT A COLLEGE STUDENT PROGRAM - We have an active Adopt a College Student Program at Tinkling Spring that encourages our congregation to stay in touch with our college students during the school year. The program matches TSPC members with their students, beginning in September and ending in May.  Members are given packets with monthly devotionals, pre-addressed envelopes, and helpful information about their student.  Many of the students have expressed how important this program has been to them. They have busy lives but enjoy hearing from their TPSC partners. We have fifty plus students and welcome you to join the program.  If you would like to become a ministry partner or would like to sign up as a college student, please call Jamie Sipe at jamimclsi@hotmail.comWe are so thankful for all of our college partners and the ministry they provide.



FOUR-CENTS-A-MEAL OFFERING - In addition to the regular tithe, each month the congregation has an opportunity to give through an offering, "Four-Cents-A-Meal offering".  The money is given to Shenandoah Presbytery and then distributed to numerous national and international hunger relief programs. 25% of the funds stay locally and are divided between The Valley Mission and The Verona Food Bank. Additionally, under the guidance of the General Assembly, the congregation actively participates in several other special offerings annually: the Christmas Joy Offering, the One Great Hour of Sharing, the Pentecost Offering, and the Peace Making Offering.



In 2012, The Tinkling Spring Angel Tree Ministry began.  Eleven families consisting of 34 children were assisted in the ministry from the Salvation Army in Waynesboro, Wilson Elmentary School, Craigsville Elementary School and our community.  We look forward to sharing in this ministry in years to come.

In 2013, the Angel Tree Ministry supported 10 families and 34 children.  A few new items thsi year to the ministry was ten food boxes provided for the families were prepared from the TSPC's food pantry.  Also, members delivered gifts to seven families.  Many times prayers were offered in the home along with the gifts and the families received the prayers and gifts with grace. 

Simple Instructions on how to partcipate in the Angel Tree Ministry:
1. Cut out Angels and Identification ornaments during the year.
2. Help place the items on each identification ornament with organizing group.
3. Sponsor an angel by purchasing a gift and returning the gift unwrapped and a gift receipt with your angel attached to the gift.
6. Help deliver gifts to the families in December.



Confirmation students are paired with Elder “Covenant Partners” for their year in the class.  The students and their covenant partners are encouraged to participate in mission and social events together throughout the year.  Group mission projects have included preparing and serving meals at Valley Mission, clearing a school baseball field of rocks, delivering Easter lilies to homebound members, sharing time in the nursing home or serving breakfast at Disciples Kitchen.

For more information about the Confirmation Journey, please contact Harriet Thompson, 885-0746, ext. 14.







Summerlee, West Virginia, is a very small town about three hours west of Fishersville near Beckley, just off I-77.

Tinkling Spring became involved in the Summerlee mission project in 1986.  Fayetteville Presbyterian Church put a note in a General Presbytery Newsletter asking "Would any church be interested in sending a group of people out to paint a house?" The youth director of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro saw the note and thought it would be a good mission project for his senior high youth.  He began with a group of about eight who went to Summerlee and spent a few days painting a house.

In the years that followed, Summerlee Presbyterian Church became the “host” church for the mission and always invited all the workers over for a big dinner one night during the week.  The West Va. contact person for the mission project was a member of Summerlee Presbyterian Church, so it seemed only natural that the project would soon be called the Summerlee Mission.

Over time, more and more churches became involved in this mission. Tinkling Spring started sending people to West Va. in 1991 and has continued every year since. Summerlee is also a receipient of the annual benevolent giving of this church. Area churches now send an average of one hundred people to serve at Summerlee each year.  Tinkling Spring serves at Summerlee the second week of July, with members of the mission team leaving on Sunday and coming home when they prefer. The mission week ends on a Friday after breakfast at Shoney's.

The work is hard and you will get dirty, but at the end of the day when you reflect on the work that has been done and the fellowship that’s been shared,  you feel a strong sense of satisfaction and peace that you have helped someone.  Please contact Tom Yancey or the church office if you would like to learn more about the Summerlee Mission Trip.

Kids under the age of 12 now have an option to serve on the KID CREW.  Throughout the week, the KID CREW serves in the morning at a variety of missions such as stocking a food pantry, sharing crafts with mentally challenged adults, sharing songs in nursing homes, and learning about coal miners in W.V.  At noon, the KID CREW eats lunch at a work site where parents are working on homes. In the afternoon, the KID CREW enjoys time at the pool, lake and if a rainy day occurs, bowling.  Minor cost may be needed for afternoon activities.


Download 2014 Summerlee Brochure

Visit the Summerlee Website



High school mission teams in the past years have traveled to Toronto, Canada; McDowell County, WV; Pensacola, FL; Fresno, CA; Chicago, IL; Philadelphia, PA; Taylorsville, NC; Cedar Rapids, IA; Nashville, TN, Summerlee, WV, local mission trip through Nehemiah Project. These teams assisted with disaster relief efforts and worked with local churches and agencies ministering to those in need.

The middle school youth have worked and ministered to local residents in Headwaters, VA, Washington DC, Black Mountain, NC, Charlotte, NC, and  Boone, NC.

The young adults have served in Charlotte, NC, Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, and Washington, DC.




Rev. Mary Ferris, RomaniaDr. Theresa Andrews, KenyaJoseph and Patricia Richter
Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan, Bangladesh  


Tinkling Spring provides ongoing support to missionary teams throughout the country and worldwide. The church supports:

Dr. Theresa Andrews in Kenya, Africa
Reverend Father Frederic Menelus
 in Haiti, 
Cindy Corell in Haiti
Jenny Jenkins in Haiti

Drs. Leslie and Cynthia Morgan in Bangladesh,
Joseph and Patricia Richter of FARMS International in Knife River, Montana.
Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea in Washington DC

Several of these missionaries have visited the church in recent years and offered in-depth presentations about their ministry to members of the congregation for which we are grateful. 



  HAITI PARTNERSHIP - For the past twenty years, Tinkling Spring has been involved in mission work with the people of St. Matthias Parish in the southern mountains of Haiti. Jean Smith, a Tinkling Spring Member went in 1990. In 1992, Starke Smith, Doug Boxley, and John Reed served together in Haiti.  This partnership began with the hard work and vision of our members. John Reed was inspired by a Presbyterian woman from Arkansas, Frances Landers, and a Haitian Episcopal minister,  Father Jean Wilfrid Albert. Together, Father Albert and Frances Landers, had set up an organization called Haiti Education Foundation with the purpose of building schools in the mountains. Tinkling Spring began faithfully supporting this ministry and welcomed both Father Albert and Frances Landers to Fishersville to speak. In 1995, Tinkling Spring fully funded and built a technical school in the village of Cherident at the heart of the St. Matthias Parish. Tinkling Spring has been sending mission teams and supplies to the people of St. Matthias yearly for nearly two decades. The tragic earthquake that rocked Haiti on the afternoon of January 12th destroyed the school in Cherident, as well as many other buildings important to the people of St. Matthias. While the earthquake destroyed almost everything in its path, it served only to solidify the relationship between Tinkling Spring and the people of Haiti. In the aftermath, Tinkling Spring raised nearly $10,000 to help in relief efforts, and a team is preparing to travel to Cherident in July to take supplies and determine how we can be of assistance in the future. Recently, a Haiti Committee was formed with the purpose of maintaining and building this partnership and exploring new ways to help. The loving relationship between the members of Tinkling Spring and the people of St. Matthias that began nearly twenty years ago demonstrates Tinkling Spring’s deep commitment to serving our brothers and sisters in Christ.


In 1989, three members of the church took part in a Medical Benevolence Foundation mission trip to Mwandi, Zambia.

In 2007, a mission team served in Mexico, and in 2008, a team of volunteers traveled to Costa Rica to work with local churches and citizens. An adult group also spent a weekend in Washington, DC, working with the homeless.

In January of 2009, several members joined Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church and caravanned to Gulfport, Mississippi, to assist with the construction of homes as part of the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Each summer, members of Tinkling Spring join several other area churches and travel to Summerlee, West Virginia.  Read more about Summerlee above. 

GIVING BACK The Tinkling Spring Witness Committee is comprised of church Elders, Deacons, and members-at-large to provide oversight of the benevolence budget, which provides financial support to approximately fifty different organizations locally and worldwide. The benevolence giving represents approximately fourteen percent of the church budget. Many of the organizations mentioned previously are recipients, as well as other local groups, such as the Weekly Religious Education, Fishersville Seniors, Valley Mission, Fishersville Scouts, WARM, TSPC Food Pantry, Valley Pastoral Counseling, TSPC Mission Scholarships, "I Care", Congregational Mission Trips, TSP Early Childhood Learning Center, OCAT-One Child at a Time, Haiti Education Foundation, FIRM, Rural Presbyterian Churches, Equipping the Saints, Jenkins Missionary, Haibtat for Humanity, CASA, Children in Christ, Free Clinic, Disciples Kitchen, The Morgans, Farms International, SACRA- Staunton/Augusta Church Relief, Sunnyside Fellowship Fund, Presbyterian Frontier, Boys and Girls Club, of Waynesboro/Augusta, New Directions, Cindy Corell Missionary, TSPC Cub Scouts, Office on Youth, Verona Community Food Pantry, Casa de Amistad, Hands on Ministry, Hospice, and Summerlee Mission Trip.


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