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Making Our Way Faithfully Through This Pandemic

Dear TSPC Family,

As your pastor, it’s my deep responsibility to see to your protection and well-being. That has always been the case but in this season of pandemic it takes on a higher degree of importance. I’m writing this on March 17th, and I want you to know where things stand at this moment and what my expectations are for the next 8 weeks (8 weeks being the timetable given to us by many health officials and political leaders). I speak for the staff and the ministry leadership at Tinkling Spring when I say that it is our utmost concern and responsibility to keep you safe, healthy, informed, and empowered.

I’m in conversation with many as I wait from one week to the next to hear when it will be permissible for us to gather together in groups of any number. Most likely, I’ll make a week to week decision if and when we can begin gathering in groups of any size. This consideration includes Sunday School, Sunday worship services, all fellowship and Christian Education programs, music programs, and ministry meetings—really any event that brings us together. Right now, we’re complying with the current Virginia ban that limits gatherings of over 50 people. This ban will determine our decision when we can gather together in groups of any number;  it could be in place for up to 8 weeks, but possibly longer. I want to prepare you for the likelihood that this ban may mean the cancellation of all Holy Week and Easter events.

Karen, Harriet, John, Sarah, and I, no matter the length of this ban, will do our faithful best to lead you in ministry. Ministry is a lot of things but first off, it’s personal. We’re meeting this challenge asking each other questions we’ve never had to ask before: How can we engage in ministry the people entrusted to us from afar? How can technology help us do that? What about those in our church family who for one reason or another do not have access to technology? We’re asking and answering these questions as creatively as we can, but it is our intention and our purpose to keep each of you as engaged in the ministry of our church family throughout this time—however long it may last.

Here are some things you can expect:

  • A worship video will be distributed to you each Sunday by email and Facebook post on the church’s group page. These videos will include a Children’s Message, prayers, announcements, and other worship elements.
  • The adult Lenten Bible Studies as well as the youth and young adult Bible studies will now be videos distributed to you in a similar way.
  • We will distribute the take-home and prayer list by email on a weekly basis.
  • We encourage you to send in your pledges and offerings to the office by mail or to arrange a time for drop-off by calling the office beforehand.
  • Staff will be sending you regular email updates to keep you informed and engaged. Please excuse us if we fill up your email inboxes.
  • All regular forms of communication from the office will continue as normal.

Be kind to one another, and may your faith in Christ be the most important thing about you, guiding and informing all you do, in this time and onward.    —

Rev. Patrick Ryan

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14th Annual Faith in Action Mission Camp
June 22-26
9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Daily
Completed First through Fifth Grade Students
Camp Fee: $45

Registration is required and is open through Sunday, June 7.
Click here to view a copy of the brochure
Click here to download the registration form



Forms and fees may be turned in to Harriet Thompson
885-0746 ext. 4 or dce@tinklingspring.com