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For several months out of the year, you will be invited to read different books of the Bible in the way they were first intended, in their entirety AND in community. Much is revealed when we take the parts of scripture we have always heard preached and taught throughout our lives and read them in their literary contexts. We realize that the Bible is less a manual for good living or a book of moral instruction, but an ever-unfolding story of salvation that God wants us to join in on.

Bible Book Club Discussion of Genesis – Tuesday, August 4, at 6:30 p.m.
In the Fellowship Hall (Social Distancing and Masks)

Pastor Patrick will lead a discussion on the book of Genesis. Come and be a part of the discussion even if you do not complete all of the reading plan.

To aid in the proper preparations for this gathering, all interested individuals should RSVP to Pastor Patrick or Harriet Thompson no later than Monday, July 27

Prologue: The Birth of God-Identity:

July Chapter
1 1-2
2 3-4
3 5:1-8:5
4 8:6-9:17
5 9:18-10:32
6 11

Abraham & Sarah: God Covenants with Family:

July Chapter
7 12
8 13:1-14:24
9 15-16
10 17-18
11 19
12 20-21
13 22-23

Jacob Becomes Israel: Wrestling Inside of Relationships:

July Chapter
14 24
15 25-26
16 27-28
17 29-30
18 31
19 32-34

Joseph: Family Betrayal and Forgiveness:

July Chapter
20 35-36
21 37-38
22 39-40
23 41-42
24 43-44
25 45
26 46:1-47:12
27 47:13-48:22
28 49
29 50


Making Our Way Faithfully Through This Pandemic

Here are some things you can expect:

  • A worship video will be distributed to you each Sunday by email and Facebook post on the church’s group page. These videos will include a Children’s Message, prayers, announcements, and other worship elements.
  • The adult Lenten Bible Studies as well as the youth and young adult Bible studies will now be videos distributed to you in a similar way.
  • We encourage you to send in your pledges and offerings to the office by mail or to arrange a time for drop-off by calling the office beforehand.
  • Staff will be sending you regular email updates to keep you informed and engaged. Please excuse us if we fill up your email inboxes.
  • All regular forms of communication from the office will continue as normal.

Be kind to one another, and may your faith in Christ be the most important thing about you, guiding and informing all you do, in this time and onward.    —

Rev. Patrick Ryan

Links to On-Line Resources:
The following list will be updated as additional resources are available.